All Star Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a relaxing, effective way to stop smoking, lose weight or get relief from irrational fears.

You can choose a regular session, or couple it with essential oils and/or PEMF ( pulsed electromagnetic frequency), which will enhance your comfort and success of your sessions.

Home sessions are available or come to our location in Fayetteville Arkansas.


Hypnosis can free you
Liberate your burdens with hypnosis!

Hypnosis is a means of reaching our subconscious mind. It works by giving positive suggestions while you’re in a relaxed state, so your conscious mind can basically install new and better habits over your old ones, much like how your computer can overwrite old data in it’s hard drive. It ins’t mind control, nor would you do anything against your will. You would not reveal any deep dark secrets to the hypnotist.  And you will not bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken, unless you really wanted to give that a try!

We actually put ourselves in a light form of hypnosis on a daily basis.  This can happen when you watch a movie, read a book, even when you drive a long way and suddenly realize you’ve reached your destination and hardly noticed it.

Ever wonder why you tell yourself you wont eat that chocolate today, but wind up devouring that candy bar anyway?  That is your subconscious, your compulsive thinking mind, and that is what we work with.  It’s a great way to change some not so great habits into better ones.  Not only that, hypnosis helps with a sense of relaxation and increased mental energy.

Self hypnosis, or auto suggestion can also be learned, so that you can do it yourself!

Sessions are available to help you with bad habits, and some irrational fears.  It is not hypnotherapy, or a visit to a doctor. It is recommended you see your physician first, and ask about the use of suggestibility for your concerns.  If you simply want to, for example, help kick a bad habit,  give that speech with more confidence, or get over the fear of bugs, then hypnosis is a great way to do that!  Give us a call…it’s free!

All Star hypnosis is a smaller service of Black Brook Massage 

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